7 Ways In Which Yoga Changes Your Brain

Many avid yoga practitioners claim that they feel unconditionally blissful from head to toe after a yoga practice –with stiffness and ache slowly vanishing and strength, flexibility enhancing manifolds, not to mention the wonderful tone that the body is rewarded with. While the physical benefits of Yoga are evident, the power of yoga for brain (healthy brain) is just as inspiring.

There has been an accumulating research that shows how yoga bestows mental benefits and has been used effectively in the treatment of diverse psychological disorders, anxiety conditions, depression, insomnia, etc. There is the burgeoning research stating that the yoga practices increase the practitioner’s sense of control, well-being, and tranquility.

Here’s how Comprehensive Yoga Practices Changes the Brain. Have a Watchful Glance at Yoga for Brain:

1. Unleash the GABA: Brain yoga practices impact the GABA levels. GABA– referred to as the body’s chill-out neurotransmitter, it is responsible for suppressing neural activity. The super brain yoga exercises boost the production of GABA inside the brain enhancing its function and the practitioner can experience positive changes towards their behavior and cognitive abilities. Any sleep disorders also gradually come to a passe.

2. Flood the Brain with Feel-Good chemicals: Yoga techniques from slow, subtle breathing to intensive inversions help lower the amount of Cortisol in the brain. Cortisol is a monster hormone that appears when a person is stressed shrinking the prefrontal cortex that manages self-control and discipline. Therefore, practice yoga for brain health and find relief from depression and gloom.

3.  Enlarge Sections of the Brain: The National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine researchers found out that yoga remarkably changes the brain. They found somatosensory cortex– the mental map of the body and hippocampus– the section that handles stress were enlarged in the heads of the yogis as compared to non-yoga practitioners. Yoga also magnifies the size of the superior parietal cortex, visual cortex, and precuneus, creating an enhanced sense of self, confidence, decisiveness, etc.

4.  Enhance the Grey Matter Density in Brain: Show dedication towards yoga for brain power and intensify your memory capacity to greater lengths. The science of yoga increases the density of the grey matter in the central nervous system whose duties involve taking care of sensory perception and remembrance. The combination of meditation and yoga postures positively impact the grey matter and leads to more self-awareness, sharper learning, and retaining skills.

5. Active Parasympathetic Nervous System: The science of yoga is renowned for activating the parasympathetic nervous system, calming and restoring the overall harmony of the life. When the mind lives in a rest-to digest state, the brain is rejuvenated, blood flows towards the endocrine glands, heart rate is lowered, and body functions optimally.

6. Build Healthy Brain Tissues: People suffering from Amnesia, Alzheimer, Memory loss, etc., report a decreased amount of healthy brain tissues. However, the daily yoga practices have the power to reduce symptoms of these ailments and increase the presence of healthy tissues in the brain. Therefore embrace yoga for memory power and lead a cohesive life.

7. Better Self- Esteem: The brain yoga practices positively affect the part of the brain called ‘insula’ leading to a better self-esteem and body image in practitioners. Yoga is a natural and best way to strengthen the frontostriatal pathway in order to savor a heightened self-esteem. Acquiring aesthetically pleasing body is a pretty strong motivation to show up on a yoga mat but surely no one likes to pass upon the brain remodeling capacity of the yoga. So, practice yoga for the complete benefit of the body and mind.

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