Finding My Yoga

The people and dogs in my life spark my heart. Daily! Hourly! By the minute! Second! Millisecond! Yoga, from my one hour, 45 minutes on the mat, to living peacefully off of the mat for the remaining 22 hours and 15 minutes, exercises every precious cell, tissue, bone, muscle, and organ in the body, notably the most complex organ… the brain. The most gorgeous brain. Because of this amazing, well-exercised brain, I think passionately, creatively, independently, uniquely, unapologetically! Like never before. I care not what others think of me. And I do my thing, rationally so, morally so. My brain, the epicentre of life, is the manager, the leader, the Donald J. Trump of the company that is Nicole Marie Story. It is what calls me to action. To tick. To tock. To rock. To roll.

I am not the fluffy sheep lined at skyscraper entrance with Starbucks in hand, security badge around neck, wanting to scream at entrance to captivity! Rather, I am the fluffy sheep roaming the forest, saying baaa, choosing my path, taking risk, smiling, having already visited Starbucks twice before most humans have risen from their slumbers, doing what makes me happy and excited. I am so thankful for the amazing organ contained underneath of this head of wild, springy, sensational curls. You’d never know these things just to look at me. You’d never know that wild things are happening within. To look at me, I am a lady. Quiet. Reserved. Boring. Yes, fireworks are the same except for a few days per year during the big show. Are you ready for my big show? Now that we’ve accomplished the mushy mushies, let’s please get down and dirty with Thanksgiving Yoga. Hooray!

Traditionally, Thanksgiving Yoga equals BIRD yoga. You know the drill… crane pose; heron pose; peacock pose; eagle pose; pigeon pose; Bird of Paradise, my former signature pose, especially on Thanksgiving Day, that was, before I was kicked out of yoga school, discovering Ashtanga many years later, which would be exactly seven months ago, to the day. And, despite my non-traditional ways, I’d completely planned a BIRD post for you, on this holiday. Every yoga school is hosting a bird class, every yoga blog is writing about bird yoga, so of course I should, too! It’s simply what yoga girls do! But when I stumbled across something known as “Flying Lizard Pose” aka Uttana Prasithasana, my thinking brain could not stop questioning!, “How in tarnation does one do this pose?!?!?!” I’ve wondered for the past week, didn’t make time to discover it, and one thing led to another, and now we’re at Thanksgiving Bird day. So should flying lizard pose wait until Black Friday?

My question became answered when a little friend of Gwendolyn’s inspired me. This friend is the CUTEST thing you’ll ever see in your life. A cute little mix thing, to be exact. Jack russell x corgi. The groomer calls her a “cute little butt.” Her colouring is white with little brown specks; ears small, soft, and triangular; and there’s a passionate attached helicopter tail that will melt your heart! Well, cute little mix thing traveled to the beach for Thanksgiving and whilst sunning herself, spotted a lizard and chased it down, hoping to make it dinner. Hehehe. She failed, but it was cute. Thus, I decided to chase-down a yoga flying lizard, making it my Thanksgiving Yoga Pose! Long story. But oh so necessary to tell. Dressed in my new gorgeous Judy Jetson yoga pants by Alala by way of, posed in front of our sparkly Christmas tree by Restoration Hardware, I broke down Flying Lizard Pose, figuring out how to do it. These pictures represent my first attempt. It’s easy but requires coordination! Strength. And flexibility. Start with left leg on shoulder

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