Inner Yoga Mermaid

Tonight, a very lovely girlfriend, one boasting a super HUGE heart, one showcasing (naturally) a DOG-loving soul, one who resembles a Greek goddess on the cover of Italian Vogue, one who believes that true love’s kiss exists, one who began practicing Ashtanga Yoga just a few months ago at my behooving, divulged that she wasn’t quite feeling her Inner Yoga Mermaid as I’d so poetically described (she calls it poetic), once upon a time, in a blog post. She isn’t reaching that high of skimming the ocean floor in chaturanga. She doesn’t feel as though she’s bursting from the water, perched proudly, shoulders back, throat stretching forward, in upward dog on a rock, like Princess Ariel‬ did in the movie.

Here is the excerpt to which she referenced:

Sometimes, in retrospect, I cannot believe that I write the stuff that I write. But yes, I wrote this on THE DAY that I began practicing in the Ashtanga method, and I literally cannot believe it’s been four months and five days, and I have NOT looked back. For those of you who read newly to this blog, I’ve practiced since (vinyasa flow), with a hiatus from when I gained 60 pounds due to compulsive behaviours. And then I started this blog to FIND it again. I experienced so many yoga styles, so many yoga teachers, so many flips and flops and downward dogs that I’d resolved to never finding yoga again and that riding my bicycle would be the only way to body peace and weight leveling. And then Ashtanga happened. Over the past four months, I lost the sloppy weight, yay! But, even this considered, I cannot say that I’ve “FOUND” my yoga because I now realise that over the course of my life, my yoga will change, totally; and I shall therefore constantly, albeit delicately and gracefully, seek what is my yoga at that one particular time of my life.

It’s like the continuous homework assignment. And I love that. Example, my Yoga might become slower, it might become faster, it might become wildly faster when I sell my first book in 2016 (wink wink), it might take a backseat if my nephew needs his auntie to visit for an Olympic Swimming Competition – (he’s aged one year, and he swims better than do I!!)… but, one thing is for certain is that I’ve found something divine, and I’m okay with my yoga changing, so long as it exists in my life forever. So long as Ashtanga exists in my life forever. My back pain. My weight inconsistency. My food addiction. My body hatred. My living in solitude. Everything has turned 180 because of Finding My Yoga. What a brilliant idea for a blog name. But, back to my friend. I assured my friend that it will come. The mermaid will come. Yoga is a ‪science‬ and ‪‎art‬. It’s a potent, most glorious of medicines. And, in my friend’s honour, I wore my ‪Little Mermaid‬ shirt for tonight’s second series practice.

You can’t see Ariel because I’m twisting, but just like with my friend, the mermaid will not appear everyday. With consistent practice, the mermaid (or merman) will visit and make your yoga world a happier, most fabulous place. And, for kicks, I added 30 unplanned minutes onto my Yoga Day with Jodi Blumstein at YogaGlo, and not only did I get my leg behind my head comfortably, for the first time ever, but I found Vasisthasana without needing to bend my knee to get the leg lifted. WOW!! And I also found Visvamitrasana powerfully, on the first try. There’s so much going on with each individual body, brain included, and I’m completely sold that a yoga practice can afford that body a higher quality of life. Here is the simplest of poses, something that I hated when I began practicing Ashtanga because it seemed like a “WASTE OF TIME,” but I couldn’t even do it, then. Now I can. And literally, the accomplishment brings tears to my eyes

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