The Night When Yoga Became More Than Just A Workout

Tonight. On the Full Moon. This is when it happened. Perhaps it is by coincidence, perhaps by fate, perhaps by rational sequencing based on my newly-founded extreme dedication to a beautiful, ancient practice; but it happened tonight, and I’m emanating with such awe that I must share the details. In the traditional Ashtanga method, the formal rest days of yoga exist as Saturday and the days of the full and new moon. The Saturday stipulation is variable based on the oft rigorous life-schedule of the modern practitioner. Several of the few, but very great, certified Ashtanga teachers outright state that if one’s schedule best fits, for example, a Tuesday rest, then, by all means, one should rest on Tuesday rather than on Saturday. But, the formal MOON rest days should be non-negotiable, or so I’ve read. To me, this meant phooey. For the past 67 days of my practice, the moon mattered not. In fact, it only illuminated my practice all the more so!

Yes, today is the full moon. And I practiced this morning (naughty girl). Half primary, full vinyasa method. This was to make-up for yesterday’s (Tuesday night’s) missed practice which I had scheduled for 11pm Tuesday, but my fluffy bed existed as more compelling. In fact, I set my alarm for 2am today (full Moon Wednesday) to squeeze-in the Tuesday-missed practice, but I slept through the damn alarm. This is prime example of how intense a perfectionist’s brain can be! Why did I sleep through my plan? Because when I sleep, I sleep hard. And I slept until 5am when, upon rising, I felt like a violet on a spring day! And OH MY GOODNESS, the tardy Tuesday practice registered as AMAZING. Purely amazing. I simply cannot believe my body does what it does, much of the time. It’s really exciting. Nonetheless, Ms. Perfectionist classified this morning’s amazing yoga session as Tuesday’s, and I scheduled Wednesday’s formal practice to happen tonight (still Wednesday) at about now, at 10pm, aka my first opportunity for it.

Although I wanted a half primary, full vinyasa practice, I ate FOUR divine Fuji apples today instead of THREE (they were HUGE at whole foods today following a fortnight of very tiny Fujis!! So exciting!!)… and I needed to work-it-off slash NOT get fat, so I revised the planned yoga “workout” to FULL primary, full vinyasa. And, at exactly eight o’clock, I felt maxed. Totally completely maxed. My body didn’t feel rocking fabulous, but my muscles were feeling tight and good from the morning practice. And I REALLY wanted a martini. It’s been a few days, as I’ve been cutting back since last week’s alcohol overconsumption, hehe. And then I looked up at the moon. Full. And freaking absolutely gorgeous. This caused my mind to remember all of the hoopla that I’ve read about Ashtanga practitioners resting on the Moon Days. And I just smiled. No, wait. I also thought, “I need a picture of this for my bloggie!” But my iPhone charge existed as EXTINGUISHED. Thus no pics.

Walking along, hearing a “starving artist” playing something in Miles Davis fashion, I wondered… wow, that guy is doing his thing because he loves it. And he’s making no money whatsoever, as I can see. This is how I want my yoga to be, for quite some time. Because I love it. Sure, I’m ambitious, but right now yoga is just a very special non-commercial thing for me. It’s my me time. Like meditation maybe. And OH the starving artist? I could have sat outside listening to him play for hours! SO I chose not to practice tonight, on Full Moon Day. Rather, we just poured that martini, dressing from head to toe in P.J. Salvage sheep pajamas instead of Cutie Bootie Yoga Shorts by Alô. And, call me a far out hippie, but it seems that by observing Moon Day, my life has clicked into place all the more tighter. Maybe yoga is more than just a workout. I think so.

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