What Are The Top 5 Yoga Resources Online

Yoga resources online, is this a case of the internet over learning from real teachers at real studios? No way. But, if there comes such a day when you are just too crunched in time to go all the way to the studio, nothing’s going to come in handier than yoga resources online. Everything from beginner to advanced yoga guides, infographic posture catalogs to meditation rules—there is no dearth of materials to stop you from rocking a yoga session at home with all the yoga information at your disposal.

Here go top five recommendations for Yoga Resources Online :

Yoga Journal

Curating handpicked features about the model yoga life, this is the online side of the popular print magazine- Yoga Journal. You can browse for all the great stuff happening in yoga at the moment—news from Yoga Teacher Trainings, tips and tricks for the right practice handed out by yoga celebrities, features on meditation and the whole nine yards of healthy, green living, and the list goes on. If you are having difficulty picking up the notions from reading, just stream from Yoga Journal’s well archived instructional videos of asana and meditation sequences. The site comes in tremendously handy even when you are finally going a step higher in your passion by choosing a career in yoga teaching. Feast on a wealth of blogs on how to grow your business, expand your reach among world yoga community, and make a unique name for yourself in this sphere!

Yoga Trail

Welcome to this amazing online directory of all the great teachers, yoga classes of different formats available, yoga studios availing retreat opportunities, and more. No matter where in the world you are, Yoga Trail will help you find the closest and the best suitable yoga options near you, navigating by your city or zip code. The listings come with brief description and overview of the programs, illustrated with multimedia testimony, reviews and ratings, for you to make a well thought-out, informed decision!

The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room shows you are not alone on your journey. 10,000 yoga lovers and possible practitioners are part of this Facebook group, and effervescently growing. The forum features impressive sharing trends—yoga blogs of personal journeys, advice for beginners, crack codes for difficult postures, quiet anything and everything under the sun that matters to a typical yogi. There is always a sparkling vibe of sharing and mutual connection here. This is where you can turn your heart out with questions about difficulties you are facing in your practice and seek sympathetic help.

Do Yoga with Me

Don’t blame your receptiveness if videos happen to work better for you than lengthy articles. Videos undeniably offer more clarity in posture instructions, breathing techniques, and other relevant demonstrations. DoYogaWithMe fulfills this requirement with an overarching collection of choicest yoga videos. Sort by difficulty level, sequence length, style, and teacher and have a gala solo practicing. Also, DoYogawithMe has an amazing gift idea for fellow yogis—a stellar yoga video collection out on DVDs!

Yoga School Blog

One of my latest entries is the YogaSchoolBlog which is a relatively new name in the world of yoga resources online but already producing some good stuff steadily. Offering an impressive coverage of important yoga subjects, from ideal complimentary food to clothing tips, yoga career opportunities and exquisite places across the globe to train at, this website is vibrant with click-worthy slides pouring out great information and happy spirits.

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